About Local Tees Long Island

Long Island Custom Shirt Designer’s Evolution Into a Premium Apparel Brand

It all started when I took a screen printing class in Brooklyn, NY. I fell in love with the t-shirt making thing. I already had a Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in Graphic Design and Advertising, that was collecting dust. I pondered over it for about 6 months, and then attended a Tattoo Show on Long Island. I then met a guy, Bucky Bakes (I think he’s famous now), who was selling t-shirts for $65/ shirt. I thought that would be nice! He introduced me to Direct to Garment printing (DTG). A digital way to print shirts and garments. Another 6 months went by, I gathered money from whoever I could and bought my first DTG machine. I started in a small office in the basement of a preschool in Syosset, NY and after a year I moved to a larger facility (my garage “studio”), where I currently am still rocking out shirts. At first I was going to just print my own line of shirts and it soon evolved into wholesale, retail and order fulfillment services. I was working a second job for quite some time, until my business could be self sustaining. (The American Dream!) Right before Christmas of 2014, I decided to go full force, bust out some great designs, and do this on my own. I struggled a bit, but I’m happy to say, that I’m rocking every day! You can catch me at Beer Festivals on the East coast selling my own line of craft beer typography shirts (and if you do, say hello!). All of Local Tees Long Island products are also available on our Etsy Shop.

We also offer reasonably priced design consultation, and artwork correction services that many other DTG printers could certainly benefit from. A good print always starts with good artwork. We also have an Order Fulfillment Service that allows customers to setup their own shops online, and as they receive orders, we print and ship them for a price that leaves plenty of room for profits.

For some reason, everyone wants their shirts yesterday! We’re on it. We’ll pull all nighters to make you happy. Our customer service is top notch, and we’ll get your custom shirt to you right when you want it.

-Solin Goldberg
Founder & CEO